Sometimes knowing what to include in your ceremony can be a daunting process.  My role is to help you put your thoughts to paper and present you with an outstanding ceremony that holds a 'special and memorable' place in your heart. An enjoyable ceremony is one that is remembered forever!

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

- Maya Angelou



Celebrate with Jo Needham

Jo Needham Celebrant


I have been very fortunate to have mixed and worked amongst wonderful people, of all ages, all my life. From my careers in education and the airline industry, to parenting, friendship and sporting groups, my personal interest in celebrating people's milestones, has led me into becoming a qualified Independent Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant. (Certificate in Celebrant Studies, NZ. 2017)


I am hoping my positive, warm and cheerful personality will suit your vision of what the ideal celebrant would mean to you, on this very special occasion.


The planning of a ceremony is fun and exciting. A stylish approach to a very personalised ceremony, that you will feel relaxed about and enjoy, among your family and friends, is my aim.


Knowing where to begin, what you might like to consider, who you may wish to involve, how you envisage the style of this special part of your day, is where I can assist you.


Don't hesitate to contact me for a chat.

Let your celebrations begin.



Bachelor of  Education

Certificate in Celebrant Studies, NZ Celebrant School

Registered Independent Marriage Celebrant Member (CANZ)


A stylish, warm and personalised ceremony

My Thoughts

Celebrant Services

Warm  -  Stylish  - Personalised




What's next?

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Give me a call to arrange our first meeting. Our first meeting can be in person over a coffee, or on social media, by Skype/ FaceTime. It is a no obligation chat.


We can talk about your marriage ceremony ideas and I can guide you through the general format of a ceremony, answer questions and explain the legal procedures.


We can discuss your ideas about the style of the celebration you would like so it begins to take shape in your minds.


You can decide if you wish to book me or not.

First contact


You have decided to book me so I will now ask you for a deposit of $100, to secure the day and my services, for you.


We will meet to focus on the specific ceremony details, the content of your vows, readings, poems, music, blessings, symbolic rituals or any special requests you may have. I will share resources, ideas and examples I have to assist you.


I like to begin with a 'blank sheet' so your story can be told as you wish it to be, rather than a set questionnaire template.


I will write your special story and email the draft for you to edit. There will be no surprises so you can feel totally relaxed with what I will say on the day. Further changes may be necessary.

In Person


A few days (day) before your wedding we will meet to rehearse the ceremony. This will fine tune the details, practice the choreography, music and  preferences you may decide on .

Your parents, bridal party, MC, and key players are welcome to attend.



I arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled ceremony start time to ensure everything is in place and your guests are ready to welcome you. This will also include checking that the marriage papers, sound system, signing table, wedding rings and setting are how they should be.


I will be thrilled to make your marriage official at this point.

Let's celebrate, relax and enjoy the moment.


I will leave shortly after your ceremony ends. It is my legal responsibility to file a copy of your Particulars of Marriage (which are signed during the ceremony) with the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages.


After your wedding I will email you a copy of your ceremony as a keepsake.

Wedding Day


Ph: 027 476 8456


Address: Mairangi Bay, North Shore, Auckland

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I'm looking forward to meeting and planning your celebration with you.

Kind regards,



Jo Needham

Bachelor of Education 

Certificate in Celebrant Studies, NZ Celebrant School

Registered Independent Marriage Celebrant Member (CANZ)

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